Reliability Engineering and Safety Services

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety Services
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety (RAMS) services has been one of the core ALD activities and fields of expertise since the company's establishment in 1984. ALD RAMS team has performed hundreds of reliability projects covering the entire scope of reliability, maintainability and safety tasks. 25 years of reliability consulting, training, software development and research are the solid basis of the ALD RAMS specialists' reputation as one of the world leading reliability teams.

Reliability & Maintainability Program Plan
Building a comprehensive R & M Program Plan covering all phases of the product life cycle is the only way to ensure product/system reliability. R & M program is far more than a simple calculation of an MTBF - it is an outline defining each task/element functional requirements and constraints for each stage of the product life cycle: concept, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenanace. ALD reliability experts will create the R & M Program Plan for your product/system using their unique expertise in reliability, electronics, physics and mathematics. Our reliability team wiil define specific tasks for each phase and will create an R&M Program Plan taking into account reliability goals and objectives.

Reliability Prediction Methods
•  MIL-HDBK-217
•  217 Plus
•  SR332 - Telcordia 2001
•  RDF 95 - French Telecom
•  IEC 62380 (RDF 2003)
•  UTEC 80810 - (CNET 2000)
•  FIDES Guide 2004
•  SN29500.1 - Siemens
•  HRD - British Telecom
•  RADC 85-91
•  GJB299 - Chinese Standard
•  NSWC 98
•  GJB299 - Chinese Reliability
•  GJB 1391,1392 - Chinese FMECA
•  CJB/Z35 - Chinese Derating
•  Stress/Strength
Reliability Allocation, Prediction & Analysis
ALD RAMS team performs reliability prediction for electronic and non-electronic parts according to any of the existing reliability standards and manufacturer in-house data. Reliability calculations are based on the electrical/thermal stress analysis. The output is a report with a breakdown of MTBF and MTBCF figures per system, unit, board and component levels. The reliability figures of "Buy" items are incorporated into prediction after adjustment to a particular environment and temperature condition.
See also ALD RAMS Software - Reliability prediction module.

Reliability Models
Development of an adequate reliability model for the entire system is the main issue in reliability and availability analysis. Reliability model simulates the system taking in account fault tolerance and redundancy. ALD reliability experts have wide expertise in application of Monte Carlo simulation, Markov Chains and other methods of reliability modeling to the evaluation of system reliability, availability and readiness. The outputs are the Reliability and Availability of systems as well as the MTBCF calculation based on redundancy assumptions and failure mode analysis information.
See also ALD RAMS Software - Reliability Block Diagram and Markov Chains modules.

Failure Mode Analysis
The Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is an engineering technique for identification and elimination of known and/or potential problems of a system. The FMEA is an ongoing process that should start as a part of the first design review and continue throughout the life of the product. ALD experts perform the FMECA, focusing on the critical failures as well the potential failure modes analysis for design and process. ALD RAMS team will follow your product life cycle ensuring effective FMECA according to the MIL-STD-1629A requirements and process/design FMEA fully compliant with QS 9000 guidelines.
See also ALD RAMS Software - FMECA module.

Fault Tree Analysis
Fault tree analysis and event tree analysis are two most mature and versatile methods for dealing with probabilistic risk, reliability and availability issues. Our RAMS experts have gained wide expertise performing fault tree analysis for the wide range of military and commercial products.
See also ALD RAMS Software - Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) software module and Event Tree Analysis (ETA) sotware module.

Reliability & Maintainability Test Planning
Efficient and cost-effective R&M test strategy is essential for the achievement of R&M design and performance goals. ALD RAMS experts establish R&M test planning strategy suggesting types of testing, test schedule, amount of risk to be tolerated, best outcome for the available resources.

System Safety Assessment, FHA, PHA, PSSA
Aircraft Safety Assessment process covers verification of the requirements of the aircraft development activities. Safety Assessment process also provides the methodology for assuring that all significant failure conditions have been identified and considered. Safety Assessment process is a significant part of aircraft certification process by national, European (EASA) and US (FAA) regulatory authorities.
ALD experts have performed Safety Assessment for numerous aviation customers worldwide.
Starting from Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA) at the beginning of the aircraft development, performing Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA), Preliminary System Safety Assessment (PSSA) and finally System Safety Assessment (SSA) and Safety Assessment Report (SAR).
ALD Aircraft Safety experts perform all connected activities: evaluation and creation of FTAs and FMEAs of aircraft manufacturer and all suppliers, Common Cause Analysis, preparation of all required reports for the aircraft certification authorities.
ALD RAMS software toolkit RAM Commander with its Safety software module supports the needs of the Aircraft Safety Assessment forming database that can be used for the next generations of aircrafts.
Testability Analysis
Testability analysis is one of the widely used methods of evaluation of qualitative and quantative characteristics of BIT/BITE design, such as Fault Detection probability, BIT coverage, Fault Isolation resolution and False Alarm probability. ALD RAMS team performs testability analysis in conjunction with FMECA.

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