Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)

Comprehensive yet flexible and convenient set of LSA modules supporting all ILS complex tasks


S3000L defines the processes, general requirements and related information exchange governing the performance of the LSA during the life cycle of aerospace and defence products. This specification may also be used for complex technical products from other industrial domains. The creation of S3000L originated within the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) in 2005.
The lack of a common valid procedure resulted in the development of various program specific LSA handbook versions and associate IT-solutions. For each new program (such as Eurofighter, NH-90, Tiger, A400M and Gripen) these specific tasks had to be accomplished. This caused considerable effort for both industry and its military customers.
This situation prompted an initiative by ASD and the Aerospace Industry Association of America (AIA) to consider the joint development of a new common international specification for LSA.
The specification S3000L is designed to cover all processes and requirements governing the performance of the LSA.
It provides rules for the establishment of the product breakdown and for the selection of LSA candidate items.
It describes type and methodology of performance of the specified analyses.
It gives guidelines on how to process the results of the analysis tasks and on how to achieve a cost-efficient support concept.
It covers the interface between LSA and the support engineering areas (e.g. reliability, maintainability and testability).
The S3000L covers the interface between LSA and the ILS functional areas (e.g. supply support, technical data services, special tools/test equipment or training).
The specification in particular describes the interface between industry (contractor) and the customer, which, when based upon contractual agreements, will provide the typical deliverables of an LSA as given in this specification. 
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