Reliability & Availability Prediction and Analysis Software

ALD Software's reliability prediction software, RAM Commander, is a comprehensive toolset providing everything necessary for reliability & availability prediction and analysis of electronic, mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment. Graphical presentation of a project's Product Tree (bill of material - BOM, or system breakdown) allows visibility and easy data manipulation:
Product Tree Table

Importable Product Tree BOM





Reliability prediction (MTBF / failure rate (FR) calculation) is based on one of the prediction methods (like MIL-HDBK-217, FIDES, Telcordia, NSWC or 217Plus). Read more about primary reliability prediction.
RAM Commander's additional reliability analysis tools are available and described below.

Performing reliability allocation, Pareto analysis, RAM sensitivity analysis producing temperature curves and mission profile are extremely easy with RAM Commander.

RAM Commander as reliability prediction software generates all commonly required reliability reports and allows its user to define various customized reports.

Pareto Analysis

Pareto analysis identifies components or component families that contribute most significantly to the system or assembly failure rate (FR) - about 80% of the total failure rate (FR).

Temperature Curve (MTBF as a function of temperature)

Temperature Curve module presents the failure rate or MTBF as a function of an ambient temperature: regular, multi-environment & multi-items on one graph.




Field Failure Rate Module

Field Failure Rate Module

Field Failure Rates (FR) module provides a great solution when Field/Manufacturer's failure rates (FR) are known only for a few temperature values, while there is a need to determine FR values with reference to specific environment and temperature and then extrapolate FR for other environments and temperatures.

Mission Profile Analyzer calculates reliability according to Mission Profile defined as a sequence of Mission phases. Each mission phase has its specific duration, environment and temperature, test performance and efficiency and may be defined as a phase performing in operating or non-operating mode: 

Mission Profile

Mission Profile Reliability Analyzer


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