What is 5S?

5S is a Japanese method for improving the quality Work Products.
5S method states that good working environment will improve quality work and therefore impact the quality products.
5S is an integrated approach for productivity improvement and ensures quality, safety and productivity.

The 5S process combines of the following steps:

•  SEIRI (Sort) - Take out unnecessary items and dispose
•  SEITON (Set in Order) - Arrange necessary items in good order
•  SEISO (Shine) - Clean your work place
•  SEIKETSU (Standardize) - Maintain high standard of housekeeping
•  SHITSUKE (Sustain) - Do things spontaneously without being told or ordered

The benefit of implementing 5S:

•  Brings benefit to the company’s business and to the people who practice it
•  A process to increase production
•  A process to create more productive and motivated people
•  A matter of good housekeeping
•  Makes workplace more pleasant
•  A matter of education, practice, and creation a culture

ALD has conducted dozens of 5S projects and training through which improved the quality of work places – thus quality of products at leading organizations in the USA, France, Russia and around the world:

Dead Sea Works
among many others