Six Sigma Services

ALD's Quality Engineering Division is a premier provider of Six Sigma training and projects performance in Israel. We support companies in the entire Six Sigma Program: studying, coaching and implementing the Six Sigma Methodologies. Intensive, customer-tailored training is followed by performance of Six Sigma projects using two Six Sigma Methodologies: DMAIC and DFSS.

Lately we've been providing Six Sigma services using the so-called LEAN SIGMA APPROACH - a combination of Six Sigma methodology with LEAN MANUFACTURING' Tools and Techniques.

ALD's Six Sigma team includes world class experts and instructors. Head of the ALD Six Sigma Program is Dr. Pavel Grabov, VP & CTO of ALD Ltd:

•  Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Quality Engineer from American Society for Quality
•  Six Sigma Trainer & Instructor from Motorola University
•  President of Israeli Six Sigma Forum
•  Senior Lecturer – Technion, Haifa, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management
Dr. Grabov plans, manages and escorts all ALD's Six Sigma programs and takes leading role in both Six Sigma training and Six Sigma projects with the support of the rest of the ALD' Quality Engineering Division: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ALD has a wide experience in Six Sigma Programs of  different levels:

•  White Belts
•  Green Belts
•  Black Belts
•  Sponsors

ALD's expertise covers both Six Sigma training and Six Sigma projects support and guidance in different areas, such as:

•  Design (Hardware & Software)
•  Process Start-Up and Production Ramp-Up
•  Engineering
•  Manufacturing
•  Integration & Assembly
•  Measurement, Testing & Inspection
•  Quality & Reliability Engineering
•  Logistics
•  Maintenance
•  Finance
•  Interfaces with Suppliers & Subcontractors, etc.

The main proven benefits of the Six Sigma Implementation with ALD:

•  Products' Quality & Reliability Improvement
•  Time-to-Market Reduction as well as Process Cycle Time Reduction
•  Effectiveness & Efficiency Improvement, Productivity Enlargement
•  Cost Reduction at the stages of Design, Manufacturing/Assembly and Inspection
•  Change of the Company’s Culture (transfer to Disciplined Engineering supported by Quantitative Methods) and
•  Creation of Teams of Internal Experts (leaders of teams) proficient  in Six Sigma Methodologies, Tools & Techniques

ALD Six Sigma Customers (Partial List)
MOTOROLA Israel (8 Six Sigma Programs)
•  Design
•  Production
•  Semiconductor (Free Scale - to-day)
CHEMICALS FOR ISRAEL (5 Six Sigma Programs)
•  Dead Sea Works
•  Rotem Amfert Negev
•  Dead Sea Bromine Group
GEMS (General Electric Medical Systems)
PHILIPS MEDICAL (Medical Devices)
CHEMAGIS - PERRIGO (Pharmaceutics)
SANMINA-SCI (Electronics)
SCD (Semiconductor Devices)
PLASTRO GVAT (Irrigation Systems)
RENAL (Medical Services)
BIOSENSE WEBSTER (Medical Devices)
ORIDION (Medical Devices)
MOBILE ACCESS (Electronics)
TADBIK (Printing)
I.M.A. (Packaging Solutions)