Markov Chains

The Markov chain technique and its mathematical model have demonstrated over years to be a great method to analyze the evolution, performance and reliability of probabilistic real-life systems.

Markov Chains Analysis Software

Markov Chains Module Features

• Up-to-date, intuitive and advanced Markov Chain diagram interface with possibilities of full control over the diagram: elements location, colors, styles, zooms etc.
• Convenient ways of diagram printing and simple Copy & Paste transfer to other applications
• Calculation of Steady-State Mode
• Calculation of Time-Dependency Mode
• Calculation of Availability, Unavailability, Failure and Repair rate and frequency, MTBF, MTTF, MTTR, Reliability/Unreliability and other system parameters
• Results output:
  o System parameters for selected times as a table or graph
  o State probabilities for selected times as a table or graph
  o Steady-State results report
  o Transition Matrix report
  o States and Transitions data report
• Export of results to Excel, Word, HTML formats.

Markov Analysis Reports Example

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