Maintenance, ILS, LCC

Spare Parts Optimization Module

The Spare Parts Optimization module provides fast calculations of necessary spare parts stocks. The criterion used in the calculation is NSP — No Shortage Probability.
The SPR module treats both repairable and discardable parts at all Maintenance levels: Organizational, Intermediate, Depot and etc.


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Maintainability Module

Maintainability Prediction in RAM Commander is based on the approaches of MIL-HDBK-472, Procedure 5, Method A. This Method can be used to predict maintainability of systems and equipment of any type, including avionics, ground and shipboard electronics, mechanical equipment, etc., at the Organizational, Intermediate and Depot levels of maintenance.


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MSG-3 Module

RAM Commander MSG-3 module is used by aircraft manufacturers or aircraft operators (airlines) to perform aircraft Scheduled Maintenance Development analysis according to Air Transport Association (ATA) Maintenance Steering Group 3 (MSG-3) document. According to ATA, the ATA MSG-3 publication outlines a decision-logic process for determining initial scheduled maintenance requirements for new aircraft and/or power plants. This document presents a means for developing maintenance tasks and intervals acceptable to regulatory authorities, operators and manufacturers. The analysis has the objective to maintain an inherent safety level and to achieve an optimal balance between maintenance costs and reliability.


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