Traditionally ALD customers come from the following industries:

a. Aerospace (reliability prediction, maintainability analysis, spare parts provisioning, FMECA analysis, Safety assessment, FTA, ETA, FRACAS - both software and services)
b. Defense (reliability prediction, maintainability analysis, spare parts provisioning, FMECA analysis, Safety assessment, FTA, ETA, FRACAS - both software and services)
c. Electronic components manufacturers (reliability prediction with MIL 217, Telcordia, FIDES and RBD, Mission Profile, FMECA)
d. Railway (reliability prediction, life cycle cost analysis, safety and FMECA analysis - both software and services)
e. Telecommunications (reliability prediction, maintainability analysis, spare parts provisioning, FMECA analysis, Safety assessment, FTA, ETA, FRACAS - both software and services).

Partial List of Reliability and Safety Software Customers is provided below.
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Customer Testimonials


We highly appreciate feedback and testimonials from our customers - this helps us to improve and serve you better.

You are welcome to send your feedback and testimonials to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Here are some of the testimonials from ALD customers:


Elbit Systems - "I would like to commend the company’s rapid, qualitative and professional assistance from RAM Commander support team.  I received explanations and guidance about the implementation of different RAM Commander features, which I had not been aware of previously, and which will undoubtedly help me to carry out tasks more efficiently in the future.

I am grateful for ALD’s professional, effective and swift cooperation."    

The Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology - "I wish to thank ALD's team for their devoted care of FavoWeb application and its users throughout our organization.
Both in specific urgent events and in an ongoing treatment - you have shown professionalism and immediate availability, you have contributed your ability for solutions to challenges set before you.”

Arad Ltd. -
"We express our sincere gratitude for ALD’s significant contribution in Arad Company’s ISO 17025 certification process.
ALD team is exceptionally efficient and professional. It is reflected in their taking responsibility, overcoming difficulties and meeting deadlines consistently throughout the process. The solutions offered by ALD’s team were comprehensive, thorough, and professional."

El-Op -
"We wish to thank ALD and its team of consultants for the professional and efficient service performed in the field of reliability, safety and maintainability for our company.
We cherish the immense contribution of ALD’s consulting team, whose experience and knowledge helped to advance and successfully accomplish a number of important projects."

"ALD has been very responsive. It cancelled holidays and bent over to provide service on time."

- "We wish to express our gratitude for ALD for the professional and efficient service in the field of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety within Thales. We are hoping to achieve further goals with future help from ALD."

- "The course which was delivered to us by ALD was interesting and definitely managed to explain and enlighten us on the topic of ILS/LSA methodology. It was also an eye opener for RAM & D-LCC Software Suite."

- "I would like to relate my very positive experience linked to ISA (Integrated Safety Assessment) Tool development by ALD according to Embraer SPEC:
- Development in total correspondence with Contract Schedule and the SPEC Requirements, with many unique features and expressive user interface;
- High professionalism, engineering insight, responsibility and commitment in results of the Software development / Quality Assurance team;
- Excellent training at Embraer site, effective services during the Software elaboration.
With sincere thanks and further success wishes for the ALD team!"
Olga Vlassova, Project Leader, Embraer

EATON - "We are very pleased with version 8.3. The failure mode mapping flexibility is just what we asked for! Thanks very much for being so responsive! This has to be the best customer service I have received for months if not years!"

"Thanks again for your exceptional customer service!"

The Ministry of Culture and Sport, The State of Israel
- "We wish to express our sincere gratitude to ALD.
Thanks to your active assistance, we managed to achieve our goal and expose over one million and one hundred thousand articles in the European Culture Portal in the name of the State of Israel."