Statistical Process Control (Simple.SPC)

ALD is a leading entity in application of industrial statistics solutions such as JMP and Minitab software solution.


Simple.SPC with JMP

Simple.SPC is a basic SPC solution that wraps the greatest features JMP has to offer in a "One-click"  simple report making package. Simple.SPC is based on ALD's best consultants years of experience in tens of SPC projects that include design, development and implementation of SPC systems in various industries - Fabrication, Medical devices, Textile, chemical, Food and Drugs, Military and more.
One big advantage Simple.SPC holds is the possibility to quickly and very simply modify or add any of the features JMP has to offer. So, you can implement a basic, simple solution in your organization, and later on, customize it to tailor fit special needs.

Simple.SPC was created by ALD's team of process engineering experts, to answer the basic needs of process monitoring and control.

"...Our vast experience in tailor making specialized SPC and data analysis applications has lead us to realize that most companies that want to start monitoring their processes have similar basic needs and usually prefer to start with something simple and easy to implement. After a while, the organization needs more and more capabilities from this simple application..."
(Moni Gasith, head of the Simple.SPC design team and creator of several JMP based automatic analysis applications).

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