Derating Analysis

The Derating Analysis software module is used to analyze the possible overstress of components under current temperature conditions. The module provides a tool to define Derating curves and identify overstressed components, i.e., those working under stress exceeding the specified rating value. Rating, or maximum rated stress, is the specified value of temperature, power, and voltage or current that defines the absolute maximum stress limits. Exceeding these values may result in damage/failure of a part with high probability.

Derating PeakPSR  
The maximum rating is indicated in the part specifications or in a standard for this type of part. It is a well-known practice in many companies to define limit stress values for various components as a function of temperature. These limits, "Derating curves", are embedded into the company policy of component usage. A report created by the Derating Analysis module includes all components in the selected part of a system or only the overstressed ones. All reports generated by the Derating Analysis module indicate each overstressed part.

Derating Module Features

• Intended for electronic designers
• Common database with R&M prediction
• User-definable Derating Guidelines
• Clear indication of overstressed parts in reports


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