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RAM Commander

Comprehensive software tool for Reliability and Maintainability Prediction, Reliability Analysis, Spares Optimization, FMEA/FMECA, Testability, Fault Tree Analysis, MSG-3, Event Tree Analysis and Safety (SAE ARP 4761, MIL-STD-882E). More about RAM Commander...

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Presents all RAM Commander features.

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Full version of RAM Commander 8.9. Requires Authorization Code. 
Other versions: old 8.7Russian 8.8 SP2Chinese 8.4 SP1  

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Fully-featured, limited database size version for educational institutions and students. Requires Authorization Code.


Free MTBF Calculator

Free Reliability Prediction software tool for MTBF (or failure rate) calculation supporting 26 reliability prediction standards - MIL-HDBK-217,Siemens SN 29500, Telcordia, FIDES, IEC 62380, BELLCORE etc.
More about Free MTBF Calculator ...

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Free Fault Tree Analyzer

Free Web-based Fault Tree Analysis Software, available on a separate website free of charge. You may create, calculate and save unlimited number of fault trees. The tool supports major types of faul tree gates and events, Mission unavailability Q(t) and steady-state unavailability Q(mean) calculation and more.

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Freeware, web-based.


Safety Commander

Safety Commander is the only off-the-shelf software that provides fail-safe design for any System of System Safety Assessment (SoSSA) across multiple industries, including aerospace, railway, communication, and energy. With the ability to perform safety analysis integration on the level of aircraft or system-of-systems , Safety Commander sets itself apart as a unique solution in the market. More about Safety Commander...


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FavoWeb is ALD's third generation, web based and user configurable Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) that captures information about equipment or the processes throughout its life cycle, from design, production testing, and customers support. FavoWeb also can be provided as cloud-based SaaS solution. More about FavoWeb FRACAS...


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Sneak Circuit Analysis (SCAT)

Sneak Circuit Analysis Tool (SCAT) automatically identifies potential sneak paths, power-to-power ties, and design concerns. It focuses on portions of the circuitry, such as a circuit card assembly or a subsystem, power distribution, or complete designs. More about Sneak Circuit Analysis...

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Free 15-day trial.

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Full version of SCAT 5.41.
Requires Authorization Code.



Advanced tool for life cycle cost calculation, total ownership cost and sensitivity cost analysis.
A key tool for managers, decision-makers, engineers, ILS personnel,
and other staff involved in system acquisition, proposal writing, management, development, production and through-life support.
More about D-LCC ...

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Presents all D-LCC features.

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Full version of D-LCC 7.4.2.
Requires Authorization Code.


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  2. Fill registration form
  3. Click the installation file link
  4. Save the file to your hard drive
  5. Open the downloaded file and accept the license agreement
  6. Follow the setup wizard steps
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