ALD Software Ltd. achieves TUV 26262 Certification for its Reliability and Safety Software: RAM Commander & Safety Commander

January, 2024


ALD Soft  TUV Sertificate

The TUV 26262 certification aligns with the company's ongoing commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.
TUV 26262, an internationally recognized standard for functional safety in the automotive sector, sets rigorous benchmarks for the development and production of safety-related systems. By achieving this certification or its software, ALD Software Ltd. has demonstrated its dedication to ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability in its customers worldwide automotive products.


The TUV 26262 certification process involves a comprehensive evaluation of the company's safety practices, development processes, and product performance. It signifies that ALD Software has met the stringent requirements set forth by the standard, ensuring that its products meet the highest safety and quality standards.
The ISO 26262 certification is becoming more important as global automakers increasingly demand higher functional stability as a prerequisite for the supply of parts, especially for autonomous driving.