FavoWeb FRACAS is a third generation, web based and user configurable Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) that captures information about equipment or the processes throughout its life cycle, from design, production testing, and customers support.
FavoWeb FRACAS is an integrating tool which enables any organization engaged in design, manufacture, operation or maintenance of complex equipment to create one data repository for failures / incidents and repair data, thus achieving a clear picture over product reliability, safety, suppliers quality and customer suggestions – an essential part of the organizational knowledge base supporting superior quality, safety, reliability and responsiveness - important discriminators in market success.

FavoWeb FRACAS Flexibility
User configurable system. Each application is tailored to the specific requirements of the customer/project. Users can modify the system without the need for programming knowledge.

FavoWeb FRACAS Security / Permission
Each user group in FavoWeb has its own permission level.
The system is highly secured based and compliant with the strict data security requirements.

FavoWeb FRACAS “cutting edge” technology
World Wide Web and Intranet to a failure/incident reporting system – no need in the endless forms and Excel sheets. The collected data is accessible throughout the organization/industry/ world.

FavoWeb FRACAS Enhanced Modules
•  Alerting Mechanism for automatic notifications
•  Dashboard for dynamic status presentation with drill-down options
•  System / Serial No. traceability
•  RCM – Reliability Centered Maintenance
•  Hand-help PC interface
•  Advanced statistical reporting outputs
•  Voice activated failure reporting
•  Corrective / Preventive Action Mechanism based on 8D

FavoWeb FRACAS Functionality
•  Increased Failure/Incident Data Collection
•  Safety Management
•  Powerful Text Mining Engine
•  Adjustable Management of Failure / Incident Cross-organizational Treatment
•  Ad-hoc Reporting According to the User-Defined Criteria
•  Failure / Incident Trends Analysis
•  Corrective Actions Recommendation and Analysis
•  Risk Prioritization and Minimization
•  Analysis: MTBF, MTBCF, MTTR, MTBMA, MDT, Availability, Weibull, NHPP, etc.
•  Powerful Admin Tool
•  World Wide Web and Intranet Capabilities
•  Extraordinary Data Security: LDAP, ITAR, etc
•  Export/Import – MS Access, Excel, HTML, Oracle, Text, ASCII
•  Hands-Free Reporting – voice enabled
•  Connectivity to common ERP, PDM, MRO, EAM systems
•  Text Mining

FavoWeb Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action Systemis a modifiable off-the-shelf solution that efficiently overcomes all challenges of incident prevention by:
•  Ensuring sufficient data collection
•  Timely monitoring of incidents
•  Providing means of cross-organizational incident management
•  Predicting and preventing incidents/ faults following in-depth analysis

FavoWeb FRACAS unique software solution, which combines the power of internet technologies, extensive scientific knowledge and a decades-long tradition of excellence in process engineering, helps in increasing safety and reliability, while decreasing the costs associated with accidents, failures and faults.

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