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ALD Software Suite is a result of more than 30 years of expertise in development of Safety and Reliability analysis software for many world leading civil & military aviation, communication, space and electronics organizations including THALES, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, NASA, MBDA, SAGEM and more.

The software suite consists of a set of integrated tools covering Reliability predictionAvailability, Maintainability Analysis, Safety Assessment, Quality Management, Safety Management, Industrial Process Control and more:

RAM Commander
RAM Commander is the Reliability and Safety software that covers engineering tasks related to reliability of electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical systems. RAM Commander modules: Reliability PredictionRBD, Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, FMECA and Testability Analysis, Process & Design FMEA and more. 

Safety Commander 
Safety Commander - RAM Commander Enterprise Collaboration Edition is the only off-the-shelf software that provides fail-safe design for any System of System Safety Assessment (SoSSA) across multiple industries, including aerospace, railway, communication, and energy. With the ability to perform safety analysis integration on the level of aircraft or system-of-systems , Safety Commander sets itself apart as a unique solution in the market.
Safety Commander has been added to meet newest requirements for the integration of Safety Assessment at the System-of-Systems (Aircraft/Railway/Energy) level.


FavoWeb FRACAS is ALD Software web based and user configurable Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) that captures information about equipment or a process throughout its life cycle, from design, production testing, and customers support. ALD also provides FavoWeb as cloud-based SaaS application.


Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis and Total Cost of Ownership evaluation are the basis for decision making for the wide range of industries and equipment: from IT systems to submarines. LCC analyzes the total ownership costs of various design alternatives and system's components over the projected life cycle of a system.


Sneak Circuit Analysis Tool (SCAT) automatically identifies potential sneak paths, power-to-power ties, and design concerns. It focuses on portions of the circuitry, such as a circuit card assembly or a subsystem, power distribution, or complete designs.

See ALD Software Architecture document for more technical information on our software - technology, hardware and software requirements, installation and integration options and licensing.

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