Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) & Life Cycle Costing (LCC) has been the traditional ALD area of expertise since the company's establishment. Hundreds of ILS and LCC projects performed for the military, aircraft and commercial customers contributed to the company's reputation as one of the world leading ILS and LCC companies.

ILS Planning
Our ILS experts perform the entire range of ILS activities starting with ILS planning, analysis of ILSP and SOW. We will help you translate supportability and readiness targets into statements of work and specifications. ALD's ILS team will identify and determine Logistics Support Requirements analyzing all relevant types of your documentation: RFP, SOW, documented requirements; evaluating historic data from similar projects; as well as ILS management in the organizations / companies involved; examining economic impact of the ILS requirements and integration of financial considerations in the identification of logistics requirements. Our ILS team prepares ILS Plans meeting your customer requirements for Logistic Support Analysis (LSA). Each ILSP has been tailored to specific needs of the project, taking into account the size and complexity of the project, technologies involved, as well as operational requirements.

Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
LSA activities should be a part of a mainstream System Engineering Process, to enable well-timed and effective implementation of the LSA results in the development process. ALD's ILS team identifies ILS and system engineering standards for the common use of the LSA records shared by subcontractors and main contractor. Application of cost-effective approach in selection and tailoring of LSA ensures the achievement of the easy, error-free and relevant data flow between the parties involved without enormous overhead of the data bases, that was customary for outdated approaches. ALD's ILS experts have been involved in extensive LSA activities creating an LSA data base tailored to meet the specific needs of the project.

Spare Parts Optimization
Our ILS specialists are among the world leaders in the field of theory and practice of initial provisioning of spare parts for major systems. ALD developed unique algorithms for spare parts optimization based on Cost-Availability and similar system criteria. Our expertise covers the initial spare parts planning and optimization for complex multi-indenture level systems in a multi-echelon logistics environment. ALD's ILS team has generated initial spare parts provisioning lists for dozens of projects of various scopes from the subsystems including only several LRUs to large weapon systems with hundreds of LRUs. Initial spare parts recommendations for new systems are based on reliability predictions results and usage of historic data, wherever available. Spare parts quantities recommendation always takes into account operational requirement, such as wartime missions, requirements for possibility of independent operation of units, etc.

Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
Our ILS experts performed hundreds of LCC analyses for the various systems - from minor devices consisting of several LRUs, and up to entire major weapon systems: starting with the preliminary LCCA for the concept evaluation stage, all the way through elaborate evaluation of alternatives leading to the final decision making.
Combination of all steps of the LCC or application of only few selected tasks depend on the complexity and needs of a project:
•  Creation of a Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) with cost models for each CBS element
•  Definition of a set of all feasible alternatives, i.e. design configurations, operational and environmental profiles, maintenance and logistics policies, distribution channels, transportation options.
•  Total LCC calculation for the entire system / system part for any activity for each alternative and for each period of the life cycle.
•  Sensitivity Analysis
•  Generation of required reports - tables and graphs.