Reliability Block Diagram

Reliability Block Diagrams with Monte Carlo Simulation

The RBD module of RAM Commander is used for functional Reliability and Availability analysis of systems with various reliability distributions, and includes all types of redundancy and repair factors. The Basic reliability prediction module provides basic reliability calculations and predictions for non-redundant systems (all connections are series). The RBD module uses all necessary data defined in the Basic module.

Reliability Block Diagram

All types of reliability configurations are supported by the RBD module:
•  Series
•  Parallel
•  K out of N:  active redundancy (hot), stand-by (cold), partially loaded (warm); with repair, without repair, with restricted repair.

All common distributions of time to failure and time to repair are available:
•  Exponential
•  Normal
•  Log-Normal
•  Weibull
•  Erlang
•  Uniform and others

•  Interactive graphic editor with “Drag and Drop” feature providing intuitive display and convenient manipulation tools for creating of any RBD configuration
•  Simple and fast transfer of reliability and maintainability item data to the RBD module by selecting the target and source items on the graphic RBD screen
•  Flexible zoom, color palette, direct printing of any RBD configuration
•  Database for each element includes:
   o  identification parameters: ref. des., part number, description, etc.
   o  type of time-to-failure distribution and corresponding parameters (e.g., MTBF, Sigma, etc.)
   o  type of time-to-repair distribution and corresponding parameters

Monte Carlo simulation with its high speed, accuracy, and large number of steps allows to evaluate Reliability and Availability for arbitrary configurations when there is no analytical solution, i.e. complex configurations, including standby, partially loaded and active redundancy; full or restricted repair with non-exponential distribution of time-to-repair; analysis under non-steady, transient state; dependent RBD elements; analysis of periodic inspection policy.

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