Green & Black Belt

Like in other quality management systems, within the bounds of Six Sigma strategy the certain infrastructure is created which aids to implement Six Sigma approach into organization culture. Six Sigma system implements a training mechanism which hierarchical structure is borrowed from martial arts. Specialists who take part in initial stage of the training obtain the Yellow Belt. After acquiring basic statistical knowledge, participants get a Green Belt. A Black Belt level training includes more advanced techniques of statistical analysis and design of experiment. The Master Black Belt is considered to be the highest level and after attending this training participants possess not only deep knowledge of all Six Sigma methods and tools, but also management and leadership skills.

ALD College offers various courses dedicated to Six Sigma methodology and its tools and techniques. "Six Sigma Black Belts" course provides an opportunity to become a certified Black Belt. ALD college graduates have the highest in the world success rate in passing of the ASQ exam for Six Sigma Black Belt certification.