ALD participation in the MMR 2009 Conference

June 26, 2009
ALD participates in the MMR 2009 Conference in Moscow.
Dr. Sergey Porotsky, ALD's Chief Scientist and Dr. Zigmund Bluvband, ALD's President, deliver the paper "Multi-Label Text Categorization Procedure for Aerospace Anomaly Discovery". True to ALD's tradition of combining practical industry applicability with innovative scientific research this paper presents a well-defined and thoroughly researched approach to deal with precious aviation safety information hidden in millions of free text aerospace incident recordings. As one of the world leading Reliability and Safety knowledge providing companies, ALD has been always developing numerous ground-breaking innovative patented tools and methodologies aimed at bringing reliability improvement benefit to reliability and safety professionals.
At MMR 2009 ALD also exhibited it’s software: RAM Commander, D-LCC and FavoWeb -  state-of-the art RAMS toolkit supporting world reliability professionals in their strive for safety, high availability and sustainable reliability.