Advanced Text Mining Algorithms for Aerospace Anomaly Identification

Advanced Text Mining Algorithms for Aerospace Anomaly (2011)
Dr. Zigmund Bluvband, ALD Ltd., Israel
Dr. Sergey Porotsky, ALD Ltd., Israel

Article describes the advanced text categorization procedure developed and successfully used in aerospace industry, especially for safety assessment, analysis and improvement. The purpose is the computerized analysis and interpretation of human reported free-text aviation safety records, in order to automatically “read”, discover and treat anomalies occurred in the field. The methodology and algorithms were verified on actual, significant and appropriate ASRS (Aviation Safety Reporting System) data base ( as well as other similar data bases containing millions of unprocessed safety and reliability reports.  One of the most important applications and goals of the research is to assign new incoming safety event reports to one or more from the several of predefined categories on the basis of their textual content.