Dr. Zigmund Bluvband is welcomed by the IAQ as a new academician

November 4, 2009
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Dr. Zigmund Bluvband, ALD Founder and President is welcomed by the International Academy for Quality as a new Academician.
Tito Conti, the Chairman of International Academy for Quality, congratulated Dr. Bluvband on his outstanding career and expressed confidence that Dr. Bluvband's knowledge, leadership experience, and accomplishments will make a positive, significant contribution to our ability to achieve the Academy’s goals on behalf of the entire global quality community.
International Academy for Quality is a part of ASQ (www.asq.org). It is a virtual organization and it works through its members, in collaborative teams and also as through individual contributors. Two meetings of International Society for Quality are scheduled for 2010: one will be held in Izmir, Turkey in parallel with the European Organization for Quality Congress and the other in St. Louis, MO, USA which will be in parallel with the ASQ’s World Conference on Quality Improvement. As a new Academician Dr. Bluvband will give a 20 minute address to the Academy describing his work and contributions in the field of quality.