Integrated Process Control and Engineering

Integrated Process Control and Engineering (1996)
Zigmund M. Bluvband, Ph.D., ALD Ltd., Israel
P. Grabov, QA&R, ALD Ltd., Israel

The paper presents an Advanced Charting Technique (ACT) for process management with minimal risk of adjustment errors. The technique combines the Neyman-Pearson concept of control region and the Taguchi philosophy. It permits integrated Process Control (IPC) by simultaneous testing of process stability and current quality monitoring on a twofold pooled chart. Quality control limits are of decisive importance, whereas stability limits serve for warning. Thus IPC reflects a quality-oriented approach to process control and diverts attention from dry Statistics, focusing on Quality. IPC makes for significant reduction of the risk of adjustment errors and considerably improves the efficiency of automated control by feedback adjustment. Comparison of the conventional technique and ACT is performed, using numerous case studies for different processes.