Parameter Estimations For Availability Growth article is published

A new article by Dr.Zigmund Bluvband (ALD) and Dr.Sergey Porotsky (ALD) "Parameter Estimations For Availability Growth" was published by "Reliability: Theory & Applications" e-journal (volume 1, issue 2, 2010).

The reliability growth process applied to a complex system undergoing development and field test involves surfacing failure modes, analyzing the modes, and, in addition to repair, in some cases implementing corrective actions to the surfaced modes. In such a manner, the system configuration is matured with respect to reliability.

The conventional procedure of reliability growth implies evaluation of two principal parameters of the NHPP process only for failure rate. Since standard NHPP does not take into account parameters of repairs, it is necessary to develop expanded procedure as the basis for the Availability Growth. It implies evaluation of both: a) the parameters of failure rate and, b) the parameters of repair rate.

Authors suggest a model and numerical method to search these parameters.

The "Reliability: Theory & Applications" is electronic journal of International Group on Reliability and Gnedenko Forum. The journal is registered in the library of U.S. Congress and published in San Diego. It publishes papers, reviews, memoirs, and bibliographical materials on Reliability, Quality Control, Safety, Survivability and Maintenance.