Quality Engineering

ALD's Quality Engineering (QE) team will assist your company to reach productivity, quality and cost effectiveness using methods of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Our highly professional QE experts have been providing service and training to the leading companies in wide range of industries for all process phases.

Product & Process Design
Quality Engineering should be applied to a product, a process or a new technology from the design phase.
Our QE team will ensure the design optimization through implementation of the following modern methods:

•  Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
•  Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
•  Design for Manufacturability & Assembly (DFMA)
•  Design Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (DFMEA)
•  Design of Experiments (DOE)
•  Rational Tolerancing (RT)

•  Electronics
•  Semiconductor
•  Fabrication
•  Chemical
•  Food
•  Textile
•  Military
•  Plastic
•  Pharmaceutical

Application of quality engineering methods at the design stage will result in:
•  Increased product quality and robustness
•  Time-to-market reduction thanks to accelerated process ramp-up and no need in redesign

Statistical Process Engineering & Control (SPEC) Unique QE Methodology
SPEC – QE Methodology developed in ALD is easily adapted and customized for a specific process. The SPECs' slogan is "Less Data - More Information". SPEC applies engineering expertise and novel statistical methods to raw data, combining them into 'Clever & Pure' database. SPEC proved to bring increase in yield and cost reduction in various projects and tasks for major corporations.
Dr. P. Grabov and his team, the authors of the SPEC, have presented numerous tutorials on the methodology in Europe, USA, Israel and Japan.
Suppliers Assessment
At the pre-process stage ALDs' Quality Engineering team assists in suppliers & subcontractors management ensuring the improvement of process inputs (raw materials, parts, components, modules, etc.) and providing the relevant and reliable estimators of incoming quality.
For the efficient management of suppliers and subcontractors our quality engineering team will develop:

•  Two-Party Approved Specification Requirements
•  Appropriate Metrics for Suppliers / Subcontractors Assessment.

Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvement
The QE team’s activity includes performance of projects for Process Yield Enhancement and Product Quality Improvement through implementation of modern QA Methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and ACE:

•  Value Stream Mapping
•  Five S & Kaizen Activity
•  SMED and Quick Changeover Implementation
•  Process Capability & Performance Studies
•  SPC Setting for Long and Short Runs
•  Process Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (PFMEA)
•  Process Optimization Through DOE on Shop Floor

Our QE team will improve your manufacturing process by achieving the following results:

•  Reduction of Throughput Time and Cost: minimized non-value-added efforts, shorter setup procedures, less over-adjustments and firefighting,
•  Quality & Uniformity Improvement: optimized 'operating windows' for critical parameters.

Measurement Study & Inspection Optimization
Your company’s Inspection Processes may be dramatically improved by implementation of modern procedures of analysis:

•  Sampling Procedures & Plans
•  Inspection Effectiveness Evaluation
•  Conventional and advanced methods of Repeatability & Reproducibility (R&R) study, Defect Budgeting
•  Field Data (Failures/Rejects/Complaints) Treatment & Analysis

Our QE experts will allow you to reach the main goals of the inspection cost-effectiveness:

•  Inspection Cost Reduction and Increased Reliability (optimized procedures of sampling, tests & measurements, data treatment)
• Root-Cause Analysis of Defect Sources (design, suppliers/subcontractors, manufacturing/assembly/integration, packing & storage, delivery/installation, etc.).