RAM Commander Version 8.1

December 5, 2010
ALD Software has released the new version of its Reliability & Safety Software tool – RAM Commander version 8.1.

For reliability engineers the new version provides the latest reliability prediction methods FIDES Guide 2009 and Chinese GJB 299C, updated component reliability data libraries, and also Weibull module for mechanical equipment failure statistics data analysis and prediction. GPRD module now supports high and negative temperatures and linear FR(t) extrapolation/interpolation for  mechanical equipment.

The new version also provides many improvements in the Safety module, including support for SHA/O&SHA according to MIL-STD-882D and much more convenient Probabilistic Safety Assessment using Fault Trees for SAE-ARP-4761.

A long list of improvements and new features includes also Aircraft Dispath Reliability module, Common Cause Failures in FTA module, Severity/Likelyhood matrix in FMEA module and more.
Student version of RAM Commander 8.1 is now available for educational purposes.

For IT personnel the new version provides much more convenient upgrade procedure – no more workstations upgrade, you just need to perform an upgrade on the server and all the connected workstations will be upgraded automatically on the first run.

The new version comes also with completely rewrited and updated User Manual, available in different formats – PDF, CHM and HTML online.

RAM Commander 8.1 is available for download from ALD Reliability & Safety Software website.