RAM Commander Version 8.3

January, 2013

ALD Software is happy to announce the release of the new version of its Reliability & Safety Software tool – RAM Commander version 8.3.
The new version supports the latest reliability prediction methods: Telcordia SR-332 Issue 3 and NPRD-2011. The Component Library has been updated with new electronic components, and now the total number of components in the library is 499,004.
Component Failure Modes sub-library in FMECA Library was extended, containing not only FMD-97 data, but also CENELEC library and Custom failure modes library.
The new version also provides many improvements and new features in the Reliability prediction module, Safety module, FMECA, Process & Design FMEA, FTA, MARKOV, RBD, MSG-3.
Download the latest version of RAM Commander V8.3 (January 2013)