Testability Analysis

Testability analysis is one of the widely used methods of evaluation of qualitative and quantative characteristics of BIT/BITE design, such as Fault Detection probability, BIT coverage, Fault Isolation resolution and False Alarm probability.

Testability features are integrated into the FMECA module and are intended for in-depth Testability analysis. The main characteristics of Testability - BIT/ Detection Coverage and Fault Isolation Resolution - can be calculated for each maintenance level (Organizational, Intermediate, Depot) and for specific detection methods (BIT, BITE, external test equipment, etc.). Test method efficiency are defined for each Test method.

The main reports and analyses during Testability Analysis:
•  BIT/Detection Coverage
•  Fault Isolation Resolution
•  Undetectable Failure Modes
•  Testability Information

Testability analysis facilitates development of the necessary supporting documentation:
•  Maintenance Manuals
•  Troubleshooting procedures
•  Quality Assurance inspection requirements