ALD Reliability and Safety Projects and Solutions

ALD Ltd is a world leader in Reliability, Safety and Quality Solutions (both services and software tools). The company has completed and is currently handling hundreds of Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Projects around the world.

ALD has developed and offers world leading software in the field of Reliability Engineering, Reliability Analysis, Risk Analysis, Failure Analysis, Safety Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, FRACAS and LCC, including Reliability prediction tools, Safety management and Quality management systems.

ALD consulting team consists of over 120 highly professional experts in the fields of Reliability, Maintainability, Safety, LCC, ILS, Quality Assurance, and Thermal Design. ALD has been providing service in the indicated areas to hundreds of customers around the world.

We are proud that world leading companies in different fields have selected our solutions, services and software for a wide range of activities and tasks. Below is the partial list of our flagship projects successfully accomplished all over the world:

The US space agency has adopted ALD's RAM Commander software as a part of NASA's new shuttle development project. RAM Commander – a reliability and safety toolkit is being utilized to perform analysis over the new shuttle reliability and safety.

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin Aero – a world leading aeronautics and defense company, has chosen FavoWeb after their complete and detailed search for the best FRACAS solution on the market. FavoWeb (developed by ALD) is a web based application providing LM Aero with a complete FRACAS package for failure and maintenance tasks management, analysis and corrective action.

BAE Systems USA (formerly United Defense)
BAE adopted ALD's Reliability and Safety Software, RAM Commander, as a central tool for reliability engineering analysis and safety assessment.

Finland Defense Forces
The Finish defense force has adopted ALD's LCC software, DLCC,  for monitoring and calculation of their weapon system life cycle cost and total ownership cost.
The group adopted ALD's Reliability Toolkit – RAM Commander for a complete assessment, prediction and analysis of the group's aerospace products.

Innotrack – UIC
ALD's LCC solution was chosen as the focal LCC tool for life cycle cost analysis for a cross European rail infrastructure management project. The software is utilized by member countries and organizations, part of the EU Innotrack project.

SAAB Aerotech
Swedish giant SAAB group subsidiary – SAAB Aerotech adopted ALD FRACAS software to handle failure/incidents monitoring among various projects for the Swedish department of defense.

THALES implemented ALD FRACAS software – FavoWeb to handle failure analysis, corrective action and reliability monitoring through various projects including SKIOS project for the British MoD.

SELEX Galileo UK
Formerly known as SELEX Sensors and Airborne System, SG chose FavoWeb software FRACAS. FavoWeb, developed by ALD, is a leading FRACAS solution providing SG with a closed loop, web based failure analysis solution with reliability analysis and corrective action protocol.

Airbus, France
Airbus is using RAM Commander (developed by ALD) for reliability analysis, failure analysis and Safety Assessment. RAM Commander Safety module was created in wide cooperation and participation of Airbus safety professionals.

SELEX Communication (formally known as Marconi Selenia Communications)
World leading producer of communication solutions adopted FavoWeb as a central tool for production and field failure management, analysis and corrective action system.

L-3 Communications (Ocean Systems)
Defense giant L-3 chose ALD FRACAS solution, FavoWeb to be a central failure/incident repository for reliability, safety data monitoring, analysis and corrective action system.

Israel Aircraft Industries – Gulfstream
ALD's FRACAS, FavoWeb,  is the main application for failure/incidents collection, management and analysis for Gulsftream's G150, G200 aircrafts. FavoWeb application collects fleet in-service-difficulty-reports, provides analysis and corrective actions, assuring failure prevention and root cause analysis.

IAI also uses RAM Commander reliability tool for reliability prediction and failure analysis.

Elbit – UAV Division
ALD FRACAS software, FavoWeb, has been adopted by Elbit's UAV and manages all failures and incidents for the entire Elbit's UAV fleet.

Elbit also uses RAM Commander software for reliability analysis.

European Air-conditioners manufacturer adopted ALD's FRACAS software, FavoWeb, as a global data repository for failure collection, management and analysis. FavoWeb, a web based application is accessible to all of Airwell's plants and sales entities collecting failure and repair data for analysis. FavoWeb is a multilingual FRACAS application supporting the Airwell's continuous enhancement of their product's reliability and quality.

Israel Airports Authority (IAA)
IAA has chosen ALD's Safety Management Software as a national application collecting, managing, analyzing and investigating all incidents occurring in airports and land ports across Israel.
ALD's SMS (Safety Management System) is a web based application, providing IAA with a central incidents data repository from which trend reports, analysis and preventive actions can be performed in order to assure safe environment at Israeli airspace and land ports.

SuperJet International
SuperJet International is an Italian entity responsible for after-sale support to Sukhoi-Alenia Aeronautica regional aircraft – SuperJet 100.
SuperJet International will serve as the main contact for all of SuperJet 100 operators across the globe.
ALD provided SuperJet International (SJI) with FavoWeb, a web-based FRACAS application, which will collect all events (safety, technical and other) occurring on SuperJet 100 fleet after their delivery to the operators/airlines.