Free MTBF Calculator User Guide

Our free ALD MTBF Calculator tool supports over 20 different reliability prediction standards, making it the perfect solution for engineers and technicians looking to ensure the reliability and longevity of their products. With just a few clicks, you can input your component data and receive a comprehensive reliability prediction report. Trust the ALD MTBF Calculator to help you optimize your product's performance and reliability:

MTBF Calculator supports 26 most known and accepted reliability prediction standards starting from the famous MIL-HDBK-217 and up to the new FIDES.

Launch MTBF Calculator
Choose "MTBF Calculator" program from "A.L.D. Engineering" group in Start menu.

Perform reliability prediction (MTBF calculation)
1. Choose Family (Electronic / Mechanical) and Item Code.
2. Select reliability prediction method.
3. Select environment (ground, marine, airborne etc.) and ambient temperature of your part.
4. Press "Calculate" button. Component reliability data input screen will appear:
This dialog is specific for each part type and prediction method (because different reliability prediction methods use different parameters in their calculation model).
Enter relevant parameters. "---" value in different fields signals that default value is used. All fields have their predefined default values which are used if you do not specify different values. To view default value settings for all fields, press "Review defaults" button in the button bar below:
Reliability Prediction Standards Buttons
Then press the same button again to return to the editing mode.
5. Press Ok. "Get MTBF and FR" box will show the calculated values.

Using Reliability Data Libraries
MTBF calculator requires you to enter component parameters (e.g. type, technology, package etc.) in order to perform reliability prediction. Generally you should obtain these parameters from manufacturer's data sheets. However our tool contains active electronic components reliability data library provided by ALD Reliability Division containing more than 40,000 elements. To try finding your part in our Components library you should first choose required item code, prediction method and press "Calculate" button. Component data screen will appear.

Then there are different choices available:
1. Exact search by Generic Name (short part number):
  a. Enter component name in the "Generic Name" field:
MTBF Calculator Generic Name input
  b. Press "Get from library" button in the lower part of the screen:
Get reliability data from component library
  c. If the part is found in our library, its data will be shown in the dialog fields.

2. Search by the beginning of the Generic Name:
  a. Enter the beginning of the component name in the "Generic Name" field:
MTBF Calculator component search
  b. Press "Location sensitive search" button in the lower part of the screen:
Component library search
  c. Library lookup dialog will appear:
Reliability data library lookup 
  d. Choose required part in the lookup and press "Ok".
3. Search by the middle of the Generic Name:
  a. Enter an known segment of the component name in the "Generic Name" field:
 Reliability data library search
  b. Press "Location insensitive search" button in the lower part of the screen:
Component library search
  c. Library lookup dialog will appear:
 Reliability data library lookup
  d. Choose required part in the lookup and press "Ok.

Using Part Name Automatic Recognition

MTBF Calculator contains also algorithms of part name recognition for passive components. Automatic Recognition dramaticaly enlarges the component library. The only difference is that component data is not stored in the separate library file, but is defined by Part Name decomposition and analysis according to manufacturer's algorithms. A lot of capacitors and resistors of the following manufacturers are supported:
AVX, Bourns, Cal-chip, DALE, Hitano, Garrett, IRC, Johanson, Kemet, KOA, Kyocera, Mallory, Meritek, Murata, MSI, NIC, Nichicon, Novacap, Samsung, Siemens, Syfer, OhmCraft, Paccom, Philips, Ralec, ROEDERST, TDK, Taiyo, Yuden, Vishay, Vitramon, Yageo.

To use the Automatic Recognition feature:
1. On the component reliability data screen, enter the component name into the "Part Name" field:
 Part name recognition
2. Press "Get from library" button in the lower part of the screen. If the part is recognized, its data will appear on the screen:
Reliability data for found capacitor

The MTBF calculator is freewareand is provided as-is, without technical support. However we are committed to continuously improve it and therefore appreciate your comments and suggestions - please send suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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