10 October, 2019


We are pleased to inform our customers that now they can try FavoWeb FRACAS software for free.

FavoWeb is ALD's FRACAS Platform, web-based and user configurable Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS). Nowadays ALD also provides FRACAS as cloud-based SaaS application.

FavoWeb FRACAS captures and analyze information about equipment throughout the equipment life cycle, from design, testing, assembly and maintenance operation.

Its free version includes basic FRACAS modules and features.

Register to download FavoWeb Free FRACAS from our website.

August 27 - September 1, 2019


ALD have participated in MAKS-2019 – International Aviation and Space Salon, held in Moscow.

ALD specialists have represented the services and products for aircraft reliability, safety, and airworthiness.

This year Dr. Zigmund Bluvband demonstrated two presentations as a part of MAKS Congress Center activities:

a. Safety and AC Certification: lessons learned; and

b. Increasing AC Dispatch. Monitoring, Analytics, and Prognostics.

These topics have attracted interest of many reliability and safety specialists attended MAKS-2019.

July, 2019

ALD released a new version of its Reliability & Safety Software tool – RAM Commander version 8.7.

Major improvements and new features of RAM Commander:


• Siemens SN 29500-2016 method

• Support for large Number of Bits in Complexity field for IC Memory

   - Assignment of Components to a Failure Mode of the Functional Block (FB)

   - Automated Failure Mode Ratio (Alpha) Calculation based on assigned Components

• FTA - Import from OPSA
• GPRD library improvements
• NPRD 2011 / 2016 part search correction, and much more


March 2017


ALD’s FREE MTBF Calculator continues to gain momentum, surpass 10,000 users.


Download ALD Free MTBF Calculator 3.0