RAM Commander Version 8.0

June 29, 2010
ALD Ltd. the leading consulting firm and software provider in the field of Reliability Engineering and Analysis, Safety Analysis and Safety Management, Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance has announced the release of RAM Commander V8.0. This new version of the company’s mark software suite introduces the reliability and safety analysis toolkit with a fresh appearance and a wide range of new features and capabilities, including MSG-3 analysis module, FIDES Guide 2009 reliability prediction, numerous FTA module enhancements, a wider range of reports in Safety module, Reliability Data Component Library import facility improvement, final documents generation in MS Word,  additional languages in build-in spelling checker and more.

“RAM Commander V8.0 signifies the beginning of a developing technology era” said Dr. Zigmund Bluvband, president of ALD Software. “It’s a synergy of modern technologies meeting our customer’s needs to provide plentiful features and performance enhancements compatible to all, from a single user up to a global network teams. “V8.0 makes reliability prediction and analysis tasks more efficient than ever before” he added.

RAMC V8.0 demonstrates a collection of performance improvements to reliability activities from BOM creation to data viewing, from calculation to reporting. As technology advances, RAM Commander keeps pace with these changes, RAMC V8.0 features a new integrated RAMS toolkit with modules dedicated to aviation/aerospace industry reliability and safety analysis – like FMECA, MMEL and ARP 4761 Safety, the latest addition to the scope of RAM Commander including  MSG-3 module (aircraft preventive maintenance policy decision-making development guide).

Updating FIDES Guide 2009 is a new version of FIDES Guide 2004 electronic parts reliability prediction method  developed by companies in the FIDES Group (AIRBUS, Eurocopter, Thales, etc), under the supervision of the DGA.  The new standard replaces the FIDES Guide 2004 issue A (also published by the UTE under reference UTE-C 80811) to increase the coverage and to enhance improvements.

RAM Commander 8.0 is tested for and is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 – for both 32-bit and 64-bit processors.