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Last Updated: 19 December, 2023

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The purpose of Aircraft/System-of- Systems Safety Assessment is to provide and assure that:


• All risks and hazards associated with the system functional faults are definitely identified (safety status).
• System interfaces and integration meets safety requirements.
• End user of the system be cognizant with the identified risks in operating and maintaining the system.

Safety Assessment is described and required by different safety standards and guidelines like MIL-STD-882C, DI-SAFT-80102AMIL-STD-1472, SAE ARP 4761SAE 4754A FAR/CS 25.1309FAR/CS 27.1309, FAR/CS 23.1309 and other documents.


System Safety Assessment may be performed on Design, Production and Field use life cycle phases of the product.

It is extremely important for mission-critical and safety-critical products of aviation, aerospace, defence, railway and other industries.

The Safety Assessment Analysis includes:
• Safety criteria and a hazard classification procedure.
• Results of safety analyses performed.
• Identified risks still existing and constituting a hazard to operators and maintenance personnel.

• A hazards list and recommendations for their elimination or reduction to an acceptable level.

• An assessment of the system compliance with the safety requirements.


ALD provides Safety Assessment Services (System Safety Assessment - SSA, Preliminary Hazard Analysis - PHA, Functional Hazard Analysis - FHA, Master Minimal Equipment List Analysis - MMEL, Fault Tree Analysis - FTA and more).

ALD service starts early in an Aircraft (Civil & Military Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV) or System-of-Systems design assuring:

• Safety requirements creation and verification on Aircraft/System-of-Systems and System Levels.
 Proving Aircraft & Systems Compliance with Safety Requirements.

 Assuring Safety Assessment Processes.
 Creation of the Certification Regulatory Authorities.
 Guiding a Customer through a Certification Process.


ALD Software provides also a Computerized Safety Assessment Software Tools:

 RAM Commander

• Safety Commander


Please take a look at ALD white papers and brochures dedicated to system safety:


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