Quality Assurance

Providing total solution for the quality assurance has been one of the main areas of the ALD's expertise since company's establishment. ALDs' Quality Assurance team has performed hundreds of projects for the customers in the wide range of industries. Our QA team consists of more than 30 quality experts with comprehensive knowledge of the whole range of the quality assurance tasks.

Quality Assurance Strategy and Activities
Development of a company's quality assurance strategy is an indispensable part of the business strategy. The goal of the ALD's quality assurance experts is to analyze the real and unique needs of each customer in order to establish the most appropriate QA strategy for this particular client. Application of the modern methods of strategy development, such as: SWOT analysis, PDCA (plan-do-check-act) improvement cycle, QFD (quality functional deployment) metrics, results in creation of realistic, clear and goal-oriented quality strategy.

•  Electronics
•  Software
•  Semiconductor
•  Pharmaceutical
•  Chemical
•  Food
•  Textile
•  Military
•  Municipal
•  Plastic
•  Mechanical

Quality Metrics Development
Appropriate quality metrics underlie any effective QA system.
We will develop and implement:
•  Quality metrics
•  Cost of Quality (COQ) System
•  Qualimetry & Control Models
Guidance for the QA Standards Certification
We will guide your organization through the process of international quality standards certification.
Certification itself is only the final and formal stage of the sequence of steps:
•  Analysis of the existing quality system
•  Adaptation of the quality system to the requirements of a specific quality standard
•  Creation of QA procedures and working instructions
•  QA training for high management, middle management and employees
•  Simulation of the certification exam
•  Participation in certification

We've guided dozens of organizations through the process of certification.
Our Expertise:
•  ISO 9000 v. 2000
•  TL 9000
•  CMM
•  QS 9000
•  GMP
•  FDA / MCA

Software Quality Assurance
Since 1995, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) has become one of the leading QA services of ALD. Our SQA experts have defined and established software QA systems, provided guidance to corporate managers and support to managers of software projects. ALD experts are incorporated in organizations' QA teams, where they help develop QA methodologies and techniques, including compilation of projects management plans and software quality plans, establishment of software metrics systems, configuration management and software development processes auditing. ALD is well known in guiding organizations through the ISO 9001 certification process with expansion to ISO 9000-3, and recently also through CMM qualification process.

Organizational Methods
Achievement of the goals defined by a company's quality assurance strategy is inseparable from the application of the modern organizational methods. Application of organizational methods allows performing an accurate analysis and characterization of a company. Our experts gained their industrial expertise from dozens projects ensuring the maximum productivity improvement by implementation of the appropriate organizational methods.
In close cooperation with your company's decision makers ALD's organizational methods team will determine the major targets and will help you analyze and establish the following:

•  Organizations' Strategy and Goals
•  Organizational Structure Design
•  Process and Methodology Analysis
•  Procedures and Methods for Operation, Maintenance, Handling & Storage
•  Building of Budgeting, Accounting and Management Systems
•  Human Resources Management
•  Development of the Work Compensation System
•  Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Suppliers Past Performance
Confidence in a prospective contractor's performance is an important factor in making a best value selection. ALD's experts will evaluate a prospective contractor's performance on recently completed or ongoing contracts, and will create a data base for gathering of the Past Performance Information (PPI). PPI data base is very useful both for selection itself and for increasing contractors's motivation to improve their performance. After analyzing your requirements and assessing contractors' performance with the help of the PPI data base, our experts will give you detailed recommendations for the best value selection.

Plastics Industry Quality & Technology
ALD's Plastics industry quality experts have the first-hand experience in all activities connected with the injection molding process as well as other processes widely used at the plastics factories around the world.
By using the FMEA methodology we will:
•  build quality system for injection molding and other plastics industry processes
•  improve procedures
•  solve technical problems
•  provide training on the FMEA methodology in application to the injection industry.

See also ALD software tool for Process/Design FMEA.