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RAMS (Reliability, Availability,
Maintainability and Safety) Software

Comprehensive software tool for Reliability and Maintainability Prediction, Reliability Analysis, Spares Optimization, FMEA/FMECA, Testability, Fault Tree Analysis, MSG-3, Event Tree Analysis and Safety (SAE ARP4761, MIL-STD-882E). More about RAM Commander...

RAM Commander is a comprehensive software tool for Reliability and Maintainability Analysis and Prediction, Spare Parts Optimization, FMEA/FMECA, Testability, Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis and Safety Assessment. Its reliability and safety modules cover all widely known reliability standards and failure analysis approaches. RAM Commander is indispensable tool for ensuring reliability of sophisticated systems.


RAM Commander Modules:

RAM Commander Project Overview



See a short RAM Commander Introduction video for quick overview of available modules and capabilities:





RAM Commander History:

1990 - RPTB for DOS, the very first version of A.L.D. RAM software is released
1995 - RAM Commander 6.0 for Windows replaces the RPTB
1998 - Spares Optimization, Derating and Monte-Carlo Simulation modules
1999 - RAM Commander 7.0, the 32-bit version is released
2001 - Fully integrated FMECA and design/process FMEA
2002 - Functional FMECA, ILS support and NSWC
2003 - Integrated Fault Tree Analysis and Siemens prediction method
2004 - Integrated Safety module (ARP 4761) and FIDES prediction method
2005 - Multi-user work support and IEC 62380 prediction method
2006 - Stress/Strength Analysis, Siemens SN 29500-2005-1 and HTML reports
2006 - Event Trees, FMECA report generator and RCM
2007 - Markov Analysis, Telcordia Issue 2, 217Plus and multilingual database support
2008 - MMEL (Master Minimum Equipment List) Module
2009 - MSG-3, faster FTA calculation and advanced security
2010 - New look, FIDES 2009, GJB 299C, MIL-STD-882 and reports by MS Word template
2012 - 3 more MSG-3 modules: Zonal, Structural and L/HIRF analysis
2013 - Telcordia Issue 3, NPRD-2011, Binary Decision Diagrams
2014 - User interface (UI) face-lift, FIDES 2009 Part count and Family count methods, FDAL allocation support

2015 - ANSI/VITA Reliability prediction method (MIL-HDBK-217 + ANSI/VITA 51.1-2008, GJB/Z 108A-2006 Chinese non-operating reliability prediction method, 217Plus - Software reliability prediction

2017 - Telcordia issue 4, NPRD-2016

2019 - Siemens SN 29500-2016, IEC 62380 and UTE C 80-810 semiconductors added, FMECA automation



RAM Commander Tasks:

• Reliability Prediction
• Sensitivity analysis & trade-offs
• R & M allocation/apportionment
• RAM Data management
• Field failure rates conversion
• Mission Profile Analysis
• ILS/LSA Support
• RBD with Monte Carlo simulation
• Reliability estimation of various system configurations
• Spare Parts optimization
• Derating guidelines and reports
• Fault Tree and Event Tree Analysis
• Risk Analysis
• Maintenance Procedure development using RCM/MSG-3
• Safety Assessment
• MMEL development



RAM Commander Features:

• Most of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Risk and Safety analysis tasks are covered by  the wide range of RAM Commander modules
• All modules integrated within a single software package
• Modern and convenient user interface
• Multi-user capabilities (simultaneous work on the same project for a number of users across the network)
• Flexible installation types (standalone, client/server, WAN)
• Flexible licensing models (floating network license, hardware locks, PC-license)
• Data import wizard (ASCII, Excel, Access)
• Customizable data export
• Report and Graph Generator
• Customizable reports
• Report output in HTML, RTF, MS Word, MS Excel, Text formats
• Reports generation by customizable MS Word template
• Convenient Product Tree tools:
    o Search
    o Global Change
    o Copy between fields
    o Go To
    o Massive Entry
    o Defaults manager
• Comprehensive Components Libraries


Other ALD Software tools:
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